Will I get a proof of my order before it’s printed?
  • In 1 - 3 business days from receipt of order (unless otherwise noted) we will send you a digital proof.  Revisions are included in each order. 
Can I request changes to my proof?
  • Absolutely! We want you 100% satisfied before going to print!  
Can I change the wording?
  • Yes!  You can change the wording - however - if its shorter or longer if may affect the way the design looks.  We can work with you on whats best.
What if I approve a proof that contains an error?
  • We will do our best in working with each and everyone of you and let you know if we notice a potential typo or error, the responsibility for identifying and correcting mistakes to the proofs lies with the customer.  With so many unusual spellings of names and venue locations, we must trust our clients to check (and double check!) that everything is worded and spelled the way you want it.

    ANY errors made by Whisker Kisses Designs will be corrected immediately at no cost the customer. Errors overlooked by the customer and identified after final proof approval will only be corrected and reprinted at the expense of the customer.
Do you sell samples of your wedding invitations?
  • We do!  We sell un-customized samples for $11 each here.  Let us know which package you wish to take a look at and we will get that right to you!  We can also include some color swatches if you're interested in a specific color.


What photo formats do you accept?
  • We accept digital photos. JPEG files are the most standard file types and satisfy most digital requirements. While hardcopy photos are not ideal, contact us to let us know if you need to mail us a hardcopy photo.
How will I know if my photograph will print well?
  • Even if a photo looks fine on your computer monitor, it won’t necessarily print well. Professional printing presses require photos to be a 300 dpi (dots per inch) resolution or higher. To determine your photo’s dpi:
    • Right click on the photo to view the photo’s “properties” and identify the photo’s dimensions (such as 1200×1800).
    • Divide the digital dimensions by the photo’s physical dimensions (such as 4×6 or 5×7) to determine the dpi.
      • For example, if your photo’s digital dimensions are 1200×1800 and its physical size is 4×6, divide 1200 by 4 and 1800 by 6 to equal 300 dpi.
  • Any image resulting in a dpi below 300 will print poorly with a grainy or blurry final image. When using a photo taken by a professional photographer, it is best to ask the photographer for the original image, rather than attempting to copy it from a slideshow or preview. Your photographer should be able to provide the image in the appropriate resolution. Ensure that you have full permission to reproduce and use the photo!
Will Whisker Kisses Designs touch up or edit my photograph?
  • We will crop a photo, or convert color to black and white.  We do not perform touch ups or photo enhancements.  


What credit cards and payment types are accepted?
  • We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover and Paypal
When will my credit card be charged?
  • Initial down-payment will be changed at the time you place your order. Payment is due, in full, after the final proof is approved.
Do you have a minimum quantity requirement?
  • Yes, we require a minimum order on most of our products. Each product is different and will be noted on the listing. Smaller quantities can sometimes be accommodated, please contact us if you are interested in ordering less than specified quantity.
Can I cancel my order?
  • Cancellations made before final proof approval will be subject to a design fee. Orders canceled after proof approval will not receive a refund.
How much will it cost to ship my order?
  • We ship worldwide. Feel free to Contact us for your quote today. You can RUSH your order as well, the cost is on a case by case basis.
Any other questions please contact us at Renee@WhiskerKissesDesigns.com