Wedding Stationery Timeline

Wondering when you should start to think about Save the Dates? Invitations? When should you send them out?  Here is a handy timeline to help!!

8 - 12 Months Before

Congratulations!  You are now engaged!  Your Pinterest board "Dream Wedding" now has a brand new meaning!  But where to start?  First up Save the Dates

  • If you are planning a destination wedding it is recommended that you send out your Save The Dates 8-12 months before your wedding day.
  • If you are planning a local wedding it is recommended that you send out your save the dates 6-8 Months before your wedding day.

Sending out Save the Dates are not a requirement in the planning process, however, they are a great way to let guests decide to turn your wedding into a little vacation or getaway. Sending out Save the Dates help to give your guests a friendly heads up that something special is happening this year and you want them there, and it can also help you when planning a room block!

5 - 6 Months Before

Now is the time for Invitations!!!  Keep in mind, that the creation and production of Invitations is a bit more involved.  So you want to be sure to allow enough time for the production side.  There are 2 timelines for sending out the invitation.

  • Destination weddings should be sent out a bit early because guests will need to make travel plans.  It is recommended that you send them out 3-4 months in advance. This could change depending on your venue as well.  Some destination wedding venues will only hold rooms until 2 months before.
  • For a local wedding, sending them to early can be as bad as sending them too late.  It is recommended they be sent out 4-8 Weeks before your wedding day.  This will allow their anticipation to attend your wedding line up with your wedding day!


Your RSVP Deadline will depend on a few factors.  You do want to allow yourself at least a week BEFORE your venue needs the count, this will give you the opportunity to contact those last responders!

  • Destination Weddings usually are about 3-5 weeks before to have the final count handed in - but sometimes this can be much sooner. Make sure and have this conversation with the onsite wedding planner/coordinator to get this date!
  • Most local venues require the headcount 5 - 10 business days before.  So we suggest 3-4 weeks before.

2 - 3 Months Before

After you have sent out your invitations, now is the time to start thinking about Day of Materials.  This may include, but is not limited to: Programs, Menus, Seating Charts, Seating Cards, Table Numbers, Signs, ect.   This is when you should start thinking of Thank YOu cards - plan with your photographer if you want a special photo take, specifically for your thank you cards!

Day of and Right After

Your day is HERE!!!!!!!  Enjoy EVERY second!!  Enjoy your honeymoon, or a short break, and then get to work on those Thank you cards.  You will have likely received some gifts prior to your wedding, so make sure to send those first!  There are a lot of different suggestions as to when you should send your thank you, we recommend no later than 8 weeks after the wedding.